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 I'm aware everyone's needs are different week to week, day to day, even minute to minute! People have time constraints, money issues, emergencies, offspring responsibilities... etc. Please contact me if you would like to see me but have any concerns. We can most likely figure something out. First and foremost, I want to help. 

Physical Therapy Evaluation ($150): Includes a detailed discussion about your history, complaints, questions, my initial ideas about what may be going on, a physical evaluation following my explanation of what I anticipate will help change symptoms, and then an initial treatment session. The treatment at this point is also part of the assessment to determine whether that treatment was enough or if something different may help more. I allow at least 90 minutes for this first eval/treatment. This session is vital, and in the most ideal of situations is the only session needed. It is the start of an individual understanding what is happening, at the very least start to feel better, learn how it is possible to gain control over whether those symptoms return, and if they do, gain control over whether they last or become an issue again. I am largely an educator, and just one part of that education will (hopefully) be a demonstration of a change in symptoms.

Consult ($50): If you are not sure whether you want me to treat you, but you just want to discuss your symptoms and history and hear what I think may be causing the symptoms and what I believe will change them, you may come simply for that discourse. This discussion usually evokes several questions on its own, and can become lengthy. I always allow 90 min for anyone's first session in case they decide to have me evaluate and treat on the same day following the consult. 

Follow-up Physical Therapy Treatment ($100): A combination of further discussion, answering of questions, manual therapy and guided movements, and tentative recommendations for the future. All of those factors will differ based on the patient's current situation, but the baseline history and major complaints will always be considered. (about an hour, usually more)

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Classes (depends on venue $15-25)

A movement sequence for about an hour (see Feldenkrais tab on the top of this website for more details). You will be led through a series of movements with the potential of several other people doing the same thing in the same room (or zoom screen). The intricacies of the instructions will depend on what I see when I watch all the students moving.

Feldenkrais (hands-on) Functional Integration Session and/or Individualized ATM Lesson ($100): If you have been evaluated, and you're feeling pretty good, but you want to see if you can feel even better or increase your awareness of whatever places in yourself we may have woken up during PT, I would lead you through an hour lesson particular to your history and previous/current symptoms, offering you gentle physical guidance if I think it may be helpful. This individualized lesson has the potential of changing from my original idea within that hour if I decide it would be beneficial while watching you move. This is difficult to do in a group setting, and could help to transition to doing group Feldenkrais ATM lessons.

You may also find that you have tried ATM classes and are not sure if you are "getting it", or you have trouble finding a way to move without pain. This work is very different than any other modality. It may help to have an individualized lesson so that I can adjust the lesson to directly address wherever it seems you are having trouble. Once you start to understand some of the major concepts, it would be easier to join in class lessons again.

Virtual FI/Individualized ATM ($50)

Email/Phone Discussion ($0): Sometimes after patients have been evaluated, treated, and feel better, they may either experience the same pain or a different symptom, and based on our discussions are unsure whether they should be concerned, and just want to consult with me or determine whether they should come in for another session. I can usually help people figure out why that symptom arose based on our previous sessions and the current situation, and they can usually get out of their symptoms themselves without coming to see me. Don't hesitate to contact me for this reason or any other reason. I'm also available to have a phone/email discussion before an evaluation to assist in deciding whether to come for an evaluation.

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