Update 12/2020

Due to Covid-19, I severely limit the number of patients I see in person, and have eliminated in-person Feldenkrais ATM classes until post-Covid. No one walks into my studio without a mask on, even on days when I have no patients. I use disinfectant before/after each patient. There is now a HEPA filter suitable for the studio size, and I run it before, during, and after each session. I wear a clean N95, shield, gown, gloves for each person. Every patient wears a mask during the entire session (not with a valve, I have masks available if someone needs a suitable one). 


If you wish to be seen, please email (awarept@sweissbard.com) or call me (201-739-0456) and we can have a free discussion about what may be happening before determining whether you need to come in for a session. 

You can do a virtual individualized Feldenkrais ATM lesson most days after 5 PM upon request, and you can join in my virtual Saturday ATM class via Baltimore Yoga Village, which I've been practicing since April (https://www.baltimoreyogavillage.com/Sari-Weissbard/) 

Hope everyone is staying healthy, safe, and away from other people! There seems to be a light at the end of this dark tunnel. Still, it is exhausting. Keep on keeping on!

<3 Sari