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Update 10/31/2021

Dear friends,

I would like to reassure anyone who wants to come into my studio about the precautions I have in place to protect myself and others with each encounter. I wear an N95 which I have been fit-tested for, the same one I wore at a hospital while treating Covid patients. It protected me even before vaccination. I continue to wear that N95 even in grocery stores, which are the only other places I enter other than my home still, even though I have now been triple vaccinated. I use a HEPA air filter before/during/after each session, and I use disinfectant wipes for any surface necessary between patients. My patients wear masks as well. I resumed seeing private patients with these precautions around June of 2020 and have continued to do so safely ever since. Though I can never guarantee 100% safety, I am confident that I have been taking every precaution with the information we have available as it evolves. If you would like to come to see me and have concerns, I am happy to discuss those concerns with you. 

Stay safe, get vaccinated.

<3 Sari

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