Update 3/2020

Due to Covid-19, I am severely limiting regular PT visits and eliminating in-person Feldenkrais ATM classes until the virus has calmed down nationwide. However, I have the resources and training to protect myself and another person in my studio. If you wish to be seen, please call me at 201-739-0456, and we can have a free phone discussion about what may be happening before determining whether you need to come in for a session. 

I am conducting virtual ATM lessons via Zoom if anyone is interested. Right now I'm coordinating with individuals who request a lesson, but sooner than later I'll designate a couple times per week to hold a class, as I am also working full time 6 days/wk now, and it's getting a bit difficult to find time. I do love holding ATM classes though, and I don't plan on stopping through this pandemic. Please join me! 

Hoping everyone is staying healthy, safe, and away from other people!

<3 Sari

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